Kindness is magic

Pure Local with heart

Caring for the planet means getting involved and doing what you can. Pure Local’s activities across Southern Africa work in conjunction with NGO through beach cleanups, community fundraising and various charity initiatives.

Together, we’re doing our bit to improve our local environment, save water and, ultimately, save ourselves. We believe that sustainable living is no longer optional, but rather the only viable path of our planet. As a result, we’re working to eliminate throwaway straws from our coasts and protect our precious marine life. After all, they’re locals too.

It also just so happens that we’re beach bums and love any excuse to have our feet in the sand. Couple that with a bunch of Cape Town locals hellbent on keeping our exquisite beaches clean, and you’ve got all the action you need to make a real difference.

Thanks to the legal background of Pure Local’s founder Al Wood, we also enjoy empowering others who have been let down or underserved by the justice system.

If you’d like to contribute, donate or be part of our initiatives, find out more here. We could always use another hand.