Essential Services Deliveries – Cape Town

Pure Local Essential Delivery Services.

Certified Critical Service provider in terms of Section 25 of Regulation 11A.

On the 27th of March we applied for and were granted an essential services certificate, legalising Pure Local to perform essential tasks during the lockdown

The basic premise is this:

If you are, for whatever reason, unable to leave your current lockdown location and are in need of essential food or medication, you can get in touch with us to request that we make essential purchases on your behalf. The Pure Local team will do your shopping and deliver the goods to your door within 24hrs in a simple, safe and professional manner.

The details:

Delivery, Fees and Payment Process:

  • up to 10 km from Green Point- R250
  • up to 20 km from Green Point – R300
  • over 20km from Green Point – negotiated case by case.

For now, to simplify things we want to restrict the number of shops per order to one shop only, however, if you desperately need delivery from 2 shops then there will be a 50% surcharge to the delivery fee. We are setting a MAXIMUM of 2 shops in total per order, the stores available are listed below.

We will try for same day delivery, but we’re asking you to allow for 24 hours turnaround. Should you require an emergency delivery (within hours), a 50% surcharge will apply.

We will be available 5 days per week, Monday to Friday.

All orders are to be placed via WhatsApp: +27 76 449 0246 or on our order form

Orders should be placed using the following layout:

  • Full customer name.
  • Delivery address.
  • Store(s) requested to visit.
  • Items required (with brand names if desired).
  • Cellular contact number + any additional numbers.
  • Any special notes.

Supermarkets & pharmacies available: Woolworths Food, All pharmacies within the delivery radius, Pharmacies, Spar, Giovannis, Pick ‘n’ Pay, The Butcher Man (Green Point)



Obviously hygiene is paramount to us: Our staff will be wearing gloves and masks at all times and will be regularly sanitising and washing their hands. Our driver will not come in physical contact with any of our clients and we will be offering contactless deliveries only – our driver will drop your package at your door and wait 5m away until you have collected. Food will either be transported in carrier bags or cooler boxes, for refrigerated/frozen goods, which will be regularly cleaned.

Terms and conditions:

  • We retain the right to turn down any order at our discretion.
  • There is a limit of 20 items per order – it must be repeated that this service is for essential items only – we’re offering this as a way to help out those most in need.
  • The sale of alcohol & cigarettes is currently prohibited by law.
  • We do not endorse stockpiling and will turn down any orders including excessive amounts of any one item.
  • While there is a 24 hour turnaround time on our service, this is subject to availability at retailers and other emergency requests we may receive.
  • Should your preferred brand not be available, Pure Local will use our discretion to purchase a similar item, unless you state otherwise.

One final word: I would really like to avoid any suspicion that Pure Local is trying to take advantage of this pandemic and those caught up in it. We are doing this to help those in our community who find themselves in need while at the same time providing some form of income to our staff who would otherwise find themselves out of work and destitute right now. I believe that the fees we are asking for our services are inline with current industry standards and I don’t believe we are in any way taking advantage. If, however, you disagree with this, please feel free to get in touch with me to discuss your feelings, ALL constructive input is appreciated.


or WhatsApp your order to:

+27 76 449 0246


Pure Local will pay for your order & as soon as we’ve completed your shop, a photo of the slip will be WhatsApp’d to you with your final total including delivery fee. We will require a Proof of Payment (POP) before we make the drop off.  Please use the SnapScan code below to make payment or by bank transfer

Pure Local Snapscan

Our banking details are as follows:

FNB Current Account
Name:            Pure Local Pty Ltd
Number:        62830540664
Branch Code:    250655
Reference:        Your Name & Surname

Please note that while we would prefer not to deal with cash, we will offer cash payment options to elderly people or those who do not have access to online banking.