About Us

About Us

Pure Local is Cape Town’s premium Luxury Concierge and Events management agency. We believe in the power of travel to transform, enrich and expand people into the fullest and most conscious versions of themselves. We believe every trip has the potential to be transformative.

Our mission is to help people experience a profound connection with every place they visit; beyond the surface-level tourist traps that most travellers get stuck in.

We believe in the magic of a purely local experience to open the doors of perception and inspire people to pursue the incredible joy life has to offer, as well as motivating them to pass this joy onto others along the journey, ultimately creating a better world.

Meet the Team

Al Wood

Al Wood


I’m from Cape Town, born and bred. I’m also lucky enough to be half-Italian and have had the privilege of travelling extensively across the globe.

In my previous life, I worked as a commercial lawyer. My days in court taught me to think on my feet and focus on solving problems, but after connecting with my deep spiritual practice of yoga and mindfulness, I discovered my truth – helping people in any way I can.

For more than 17 years, people who know me have called me a fixer for the way I approach problems. My experience travelling and familiarity with different cultures and languages has also given me unique insight into how people interact.

That insight became a passion, which I turned into a business, and Pure Local was born. I soon discovered that living your passion is the only way to really live.

I suspect my zest for life and helping others comes from my mother’s Italian side, but many people call me Cape Town’s go-to girl.

Connecting people and places is what I do, and I do what I love because it makes me happy.
With me you’ll avoid the crowds, skip the queues and get the best seats. I understand the five-star lifestyle and have an eye for the finer details.


Josie Kirkham

Creative Director

I’m Swedish by birth but have been based in Cape Town for 20 years. I have always created.

That’s how my mind works. I have a passion for creating stunning spaces that inspire and facilitate effortless enjoyment and sensory pleasure.

Whether it’s styling a photo-shoot or creating a lifestyle event, my mission is to create out-of-this-world experiences.

I have worked on everything from fashion shows/shoots and personal fashion styling to private home décor, luxury weddings, birthdays and private secluded proposals.

Experience from my previous career in marketing, brand management and creative direction combined with my interest and eye for design helps me to efficiently conceptualise and effortlessly carry out any event or occasion with passion.

Cape Town

Cape Town

Cape Town is world-renowned for its myriad of white beaches, azure waters and incredible beauty. Combine this with the continent’s best luxury hotels, wine farms and game-viewing opportunities and you’ve got a match made in destination heaven.

From the winelands of Stellenbosch and wildlife of Spier to the culinary delights of the city’s most exquisite eateries and the glowing nightlife of a city in love, Cape Town really does have it all. And with the help of a Pure Local, you’re sure to get the most out of every experience.


We believe in creating a better world. Besides carefully considering the effect our activities have on our environment, Pure Local works with NGOs across the country to effect positive change through beach clean-ups, community fundraising and charity initiatives.

Together, we’re doing our bit to improve our local environment, save water and, ultimately, save ourselves. We believe sustainable living is no longer optional but the only viable path if we’re going to remain on this planet.

As a result, we engage in a concerted effort to make environmentally and socially kind choices whenever possible, with special attention to protecting our precious marine life. After all, they’re locals too.

Thanks to the legal background of Pure Local’s founder, Al Wood, we also enjoy empowering others who have been let down or under-served by the justice system.

If you’d like to contribute, donate or be part of our initiatives, find out more here. We could always use another hand.